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Since April 1996

Our activities intelligent basis derives from the working experience within conversion programs of USSR Medium-size machinery Ministry (renamed later as Nuclear Energy Ministry).

ECE “TECHNOKOM” activities are based on the three key-components:

  • Engineering projects development;
  • Our own manufacturing facilities;
  • Services on engineering.

ECE “TECHNOKOM” activities are focused on collaboration with enterprises of food-stuff industry, mainly within the following  business sectors:

  1. Since 1996 we produce machines and equipment for kegs and PET-kegs filling for enterprises producing beer, wine, fermented rye drinks (kvass) and soft drinks. This type of equipment is manufactured as machine units and complete skids within “KEG-Service” series.

  2. Construction and installation of CIP units for cleaning-in-place of technological equipment and pipelines at food-stuff enterprises. The range of CIP units starts from portable devices up to complex plant systems  with washing solutions recycling.

  3. Manufacturing and delivery of technological and industrial equipment for general utilities  destined for dairy plants and enterprises producing beer, fermented rye drinks (kvass) and soft drinks. Such units can be equipped with high-intelligent automatic control system. Series and models of this equipment are presented in “Production” page.

  4. We successfully provide services in kitting and delivering of stainless steel items (tubes, valves fittings) destined for technological pipelines completion.

  5. Since 2005 we have given the high-priority grade to our activities in development and implementation of automation systems (starting from local automation systems up to complex multi-level SCADA systems) within projects on new plants construction or modern upgrading of operating plants.   Within this business activity we provide a complete range of services: starting from project development up to commissioning and start-up. For more details please refer to pages “Engineering services” and “Technological process automation”.

Our partners – are the enterprises producing dairy products, water, soft drinks, beer, fermented rye drinks (kvass) – from all regions of Russia, and also from Belarus, the Ukraine, Moldova and Kazakhstan.

ECE “TECHNOKOM” invites you to take part in mutually fruitful collaboration.

By uniting the best-practice achievements we offer the competent solutions for high-quality production. 

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