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Purpose - Internal sanitary washing of technological equipment and pipelines of food industry, biology industry, pharmacology
Control mode - Automatic, Manual
Capacity -

Purpose of function

The CIP-unit with one or several independent cleaning loops is designed for internal sanitary cleaning of technological equipment and pipelines at food-production or microbiology enterprises.
It is the optimal solution when cleaning objects have similar features: tanks up to 10 cubic meters, or filling lines, or pipelines up to DN 80.

Mode of cleaning process

Circulation, return and re-use of cleaning solutions  (with concept of central CIP-station).

Mode of operation control

  • automatic;
  • manual.

Examples of installation and operation*

Clean-In-Place Unit LM-10 (CIP Unit LM-10)
Clean-In-Place Unit LM-10 (CIP Unit LM-10)
* Note
Over 20 different CIP-Units based on LM-10 model have been installed and are successfully operating at several food-production enterprises. For more details on such projects please check page “Media release”.

Available types of cleaning programs

  • only lye solution;
  • only acid solution;
  • lye + acid solution;
  • sanification (thermal/chemical).

General construction features of the basic unit model

Factory assembled unit consists of:
  • rectangular tank with thermal insulation coat, divided in three separate compartments:
(P1) – for lye cleaning solution;
(P2) – for acid cleaning solution;
(P3) – for water.
  • centrifugal pump;
  • tubular (or plate) heat exchanger (with steam as heating agent);
  • dosing device for concentrated cleaning and sanification solutions;
  • pipe-lines, couplings, fittings, valves with pneumatic (or manual) actuators;
  • electric switch cabinet (IP 54);
  • skid.

Key technological functions

  • Cleaning solutions and sent to the object of cleaning, and after circulation (or else after direct running) in the loop - the cleaning solutions are drained into sewage;
  • In-line heating-up of the cleaning solution and maintaining the preset temperature during circulation;
  • In-line preparation (dilution) of cleaning/sanification solution and maintaining of the preset concentration %;
  • Monitoring and automatic control of set-points and technological parameters at each step of the cleaning cycle.

Key functions of automatic mode

  • logic software control of actuators, drives and pumps during runtime of the chosen cleaning program;
  • automatic adjustment of temperature of the cleaning solution;
  • automatic adjustment of concentration of the cleaning and sanification solution;
  • automatic adjustment of the runtime of the process step;
  • data archiving and technological register logging.
The basic CIP-unit control system is based on industrial PLCs and can be integrated to the High-Level Automatic Control System.
The basic components of CIP-unit control system brands are: SIEMENS, OMRON, FESTO, SMC, etc.

Key functions of manual mode

  • manual control of the pump;
  • manual control of valves for flow direction and distribution;
  • automatic stop of the pump by signal of level transmitters in the compartments of the tank;
  • automatic adjustment of cleaning solution temperature in the loop;
  • dosing of concentrated cleaning/sanification solutions for obtaining the preset concentration in the loop;
  • automatic control and visualization on the operator’s panel of key technological parameters: cleaning program, temperature of cleaning solution in the feeding and return points of the loop; duration of the cleaning cycle steps; alarm messages;
  • visual control of the actual parameters during the program runtime;
  • coordination of the return pump function;
  • linking of margin level signals from transmitters in the compartments of the tank.

List of required utilities:

  • cold water;
  • hot water;
  • steam;
  • compressed air.

Power supply requirements:

  • Installed capacity – up to 7,5 kW
  • Voltage - 380 V
  • Frequency – 50 Hz

To order a CIP-unit 

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