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Purpose - Internal sanitary washing of the processing equipment and pipelines of food industry manufactures
Control mode - Automatic, Manual
Capacity -

Purpose of function

The CIP-unit is designed for internal sanitary cleaning of technological equipment and pipelines at food-production enterprises.

Mode of cleaning process

Circulation, return and re-use of cleaning solutions.

Mode of operation control

  • automatic;
  • manual.

Available types of cleaning programs

  • lye solution; acid solution (when necessary);
  • sanification (thermal/chemical).

General construction features of the basic unit

Factory assembled unit consists of:
  • tank for cleaning solution recirculation: with thermal insulation coat; centrifugal pump; heat-exchanger (for steam-heating agent); monitoring and control devices; pipe-lines, couplings, fittings, and valves;
  • tank for collection and storage of cleaning solution: with thermal insulation coat, level transmitters, pipe-lines, couplings, fittings, and valves for flow distribution;
  • dosing device for concentrated cleaning solutions;
  • electric switch cabinet (IP 54);
  • skid.

Available extra equipment for the basic unit

Tank for collection and storage of rinsing water: with thermal insulation coat, level-transmitters, pipe-lines, couplings, fittings, and valves.

Key technological functions

  • Cleaning solutions and sent to the object of cleaning, and after circulation (or else after direct running) the cleaning solutions are drained into sewage, or else return and are collected in the storage tank, to be re-used during the next cleaning cycle;
  • In-line heating-up of the cleaning solution and maintaining the preset temperature in the loop of circulation;
  • In-line preparation (dilution) of cleaning/sanification solution and maintaining of the preset concentration % in the loop;
  • Monitoring and automatic control of set-points and technological parameters at each step of the cleaning cycle.

Available technological option

Rinsing water (after cleaning with lye solution) can be collected and stored in the tank, and re-used for pre-rinsing during the next cleaning cycle.

Key functions of automatic control

  • logic software control of actuators, drives and pumps  during runtime of the chosen cleaning program;
  • automatic adjustment of temperature of the cleaning solution;
  • automatic adjustment of concentration of the cleaning and sanification solution;
  • automatic adjustment of the runtime of the process step;
  • data archiving and technological register logging.
The basic CIP-unit control system is based on industrial PLCs and can be integrated to the High-Level Automatic Control System.
The basic CIP-unit component brands are: SIEMENS, OMRON, FESTO, SMC, etc.

List of required utilities:

  • cold water;
  • hot water;
  • steam;
  • compressed air.

Power supply requirements:

  • Installed capacity – up to 10 kW
  • Voltage - 380 V
  • Frequency – 50 Hz

To order a CIP-unit

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