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Purpose - Filling kegs with beer, kvass, wine and drinks (with any fitting)
Control mode - Automatic
Capacity - up to 60 KEG/h

Purpose of function

Filling kegs (with flat fitting) with beer or kvass (mild rye beer); production capacity – up to 60 kegs/h.

Operation mode


Picture of the Unit

Keg Filling Unit “KEG-Service 6A”
Keg Filling Unit “KEG-Service 6A”
Keg Filling Unit “KEG-Service 6A”

Picture of a Keg-Tilter (optional device)


Operation cycle sequence

  • Blowing-off with CO2;
  • Notching with CO2;
  • Filling with product.

General description of functioning

  • The operator places a keg at one of working stations and fixes the dosing head on the keg fitting.
  • Once the cycle duration is preset at the operator’s panel, the program starts by pressing the “START” («ПУСК») key.
  • The production cycle runs automatically according to the operation sequence.
  • When the production cycle is finished a lamp starts blinking on the operator’s panel.
  • The dosing head is disconnected from the keg fitting.

Key technical features

Parameter Units
Filling capacity (for kegs of 50L format) pcs/h
up to 60
Number of dosing stations (heads), pcs
Basic material of construction
stainless steel
AISI-304 (08Х18Н10)
Ingress protection rate of switch cabinet
IP 54
Installed capacity, kW
Power supply voltage, V
Dimensions of the Unit, mm
Weight of the Unit, kg

Unit configuration

The factory-assembled unit is mounted on a skid and comprises the following parts and blocks: 
  • working bench with pneumatic clampers for kegs fixing;
  • electric switch cabinet, with PLC (by “OVEN-K”); operator’s panel with touch-screen; pneumatic devices and actuators (by “SMC”);
  • temperature and level transmitters;
  • pipe-line connections, with valves, couplings and fittings.

Standard delivery terms

Scope of services:
  • Manufacturing of the Unit;
  • Start-up and commissioning at the Customer’s site, with training course for the staff – by additional agreement with the Customer.
List of technical accompanying documents:
  • Technical passport and manual;
  • Declaration of correspondence to requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union (TRCU).
Manufacturing time (readiness for delivery) – up to 60 days.

Guaranteed operating lifetime – 12 months.
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