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Purpose - Flow receiving of milk from milk-trucks at dairy plants, with on-stream commercial accounting and measuring of milk received
Control mode - Manual
Capacity - 5.0, 10.0, 20.0 m3/h

Available models

“UPM-5”, “UPM-10”, UPM-20”

Purpose of function

Flow receiving of milk from milk-trucks at dairy plants, with on-stream commercial accounting and measuring of milk received.

Operation mode

  • Manual control.

Picture of the plant


Key technological functions

  • Filtration of milk in order to clean it from mechanical impurities;
  • On-stream automatic deaeration of milk with cyclone deaerator; 
  • Measurement of received milk volume with electro-magnetic flowmeter;
  • On-stream measurement of milk temperature.

Plant features

  • Commercial accounting of milk received;
  • High sanitary level and CIP;
  • Availability of PC connection (RS 232 interface) - option.

Technical characteristics

Nominal capacity, L/h
5 000 10 000 20 000
Inlet/outlet DN, mm
50/32 50/50 65/50
Operational capacity range, L/h
4000-9000 8000-15000 15000-25000
Tolerance precision range, %
Operational pressure MAX, MPa
Installed power, kWt
6,0 8,0 10,0
Power-supply voltage, V
Net weight, Kg
130 140 150

Construction features

Factory assembled plant consists of:
  • SKID;
  • mesh-wire filter for cleaning milk of mechanical impurities;
  • self-priming centrifugal pump;
  • cyclone deaerator;
  • electro-magnetic flowmeter (“Vzliot” brand, Russia);
  • temperature sensor;
  • sampling device;
  • internal piping, fittings and valves;
  • operator’s control panel with dashboard and start-control devices;
  • flexible hose for milk truck connection (option).

Required operational conditions

Milk receiving plant “PUMA” should be installed in-doors, in heated production departments, with normal ambient temperature and humidity. “PUMA” switch-cabinet ingress protection rating is IP54 (spray-proof design).

Special conditions

  • Flexible hose* MAX length – 5 meters.
  • Inlet DN at nominal capacity must be sufficient to guarantee milk flow of MIN 1.5 m/sec.
  • Elevation difference between milk truck outlet and deaerator inlet must be MIN 0.5 meter.
  • Flexible hose* must be wire-reinforced, made of materials approved for alimentary products, rigid enough to avoid DN variations during production, CIP-cleaning solutions resistant, equipped with standard sanitary connection couplings.
  • flexible hose is not included in standard delivery set.

Standard delivery terms

Scope of services:
  • Manufacturing and supply of the plant;
  • List of start-up services is to be determined as annex to the Delivery contract.
List of technical accompanying documents:
Guaranteed operating lifetime – 12 months.
Manufacturing time (readiness for delivery) – up to 70 days.

Additional information

For more details on modernization and technical upgrading of Milk receiving Departments at dairy plants carried out by ECE “TECHNOKOM” please check page “Media release”.
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